Cloud-Enabled Earth Science Analytics

Enabling Canadian industry, academia, and government to embrace the new era of cloud-enabled Earth Science analytics



What is GEO Analytics Canada?

GEO Analytics Canada is a cloud native, open platform for Big Data geoscience. 

We’re on a mission to apply cutting edge cloud technologies to advance Earth Observation analytics.

What makes GEO Analytics Canada Different

GEO Analytics Canada isn’t the only Earth Observation data analytics platform out there. We’ve used the platforms ourselves, and have worked with partners to develop other platforms. So what makes GEO Analytics Canada different?


Cloud native

  • GEO Analytics Canada platform is built from the ground-up to leverage the power of cloud computing
  • Cloud geospatial involves more than simply migrating desktop apps to the cloud

Close-to-the-data processing

  • GEO Analytics Canada platform showcases how you can address the big geospatial data challenge by moving your algorithms directly next to existing large data stores

Infrastructure vendor agnostic

  • GEO Analytics Canada platform can be installed on a wide variety of cloud computing providers
  • Exploit pre-existing distributed data stores, such as Landsat and Sentinel data
  • Can use only Canadian data storage and compute resource to fulfill Canadian privacy laws which require data to be kept in Canada

Developer friendly

  • GEO Analytics Canada platform enables you to develop your own algorithms and systems in Python
  • Scale processing dynamically and massively using containerized algorithms and applications

Part of an ecosystem of open architected systems

  • GEO Analytics Canada platform is a starting point towards an open architected, distributed ecosystem approach
  • Your platform should not require all data and tools to be centralized in one place – data and processing resources can be distributed

Supports open science

  • GEO Analytics Canada platform supports the key tenants of open science
  • “openness, transparency, scrutiny and traceability of results, access to large volume of complex data, and the availability of community open tools” 

Canadian focused

  • Uses Canadian data storage and compute resource
  • Supports Canadian organizations that are required to fulfill Canadian privacy laws which require data to be kept in Canada

Open Protocols

  • GEO Analytics Canada implements the latest modern spatial and OGC Standards
  • Spatio-Temporal Asset Catalogues (STAC); OGC API-Features; OGC API-Tiles; OGC API-Processes 

Technical Notes

  • Hatfield's satellite deep learning project to monitor the habitat of Canada’s Woodland Caribou is featured by the Canadian Space Agency …
  • GEO Analytics Canada has been featured in the September 2020 ’Association Québécoise de Télédétection (L’AQT) Bulletin.
  • On July 14 2020, GEO Analytics Canada was introduced at the 2020 Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing. The video presentation …
  • A new Earth observation publication was released this month, developed for the Scientific Technical Advisory Panel (STAP) of the Global …
  • One of our goals at GEO Analytics Canada is to develop an approach to utilize Kubernetes to process and store …

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Connect with one of our experts

GEO Analytics Canada is an initiative of Hatfield. We are trusted advisors to government, private sector, and non-government clients on the cloud computing and geospatial analytics. We regularly support international space agencies, international finance institutions, and major energy and mining companies with scientific and strategic consulting and data analytics. To talk to one of our experts about how we can help you overcome your satellite EO data analytic challenges, please complete the form below or email us at .

Our head office is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We also have offices in Indonesia and Botswana. We have experience in more than 40 countries and a network of local experts around the world.

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